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Features a durable embossed finish that is soft to the touch and fully washable. BrailliantTouch® is our most popular product and is often used in high volume areas where customers need sign that exceeds ADA/AODA standards. Graphics and raised elements are protected under a protective shield that prevents UV damage while the rounded edges of the braille and text allow for easy cleaning and graffiti removal.



BrailliantTouch® uses a patented encapsulation layer which seals in vibrant graphics behind a graffitti resistant plastic layer. This allows the sign to be washed unlike other painted signage.



BrailliantTouch® was designed to be the best accessible signage product available. This includes soft rounded edges on the text and graphics and fully complaint domed braille.

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We can custom make BrailliantTouch® to match any brand or project and offer any colour or digital image on the signage. Some options include substrates such as acrylic, sintra, aluminum and custom cut shapes. We offer insert windows, in-use sliders, notebars, and a variety of modular frame options.



Due to our high volume manufacturing process we can make BrailliantTouch® signage more affordability than other tactile sign types. Because the sign face is protected, the signs tend to last much longer than other signs that have surface applied graphics or painted surfaces.

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