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As the leaders in the Sign Manufacturer industry since 1987, we have a ton of experience in the field. We love working with companies of all sizes, and provide products to wholesalers and dealers worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards.



BrailliantTouch® Encapsulated Tactile Signage

Features a durable embossed finish that is soft to the touch and fully washable. BT® is our most popular product and is often used in high volume areas where customers need sign that exceeds ADA standards. Graphics and raised elements are protected under a protective shield that prevents UV damage while the rounded edges of the braille and text allow for easy cleaning and graffiti removal.

NovAcryl® Photopolymer Tactile Signage

Solid single-ply signs made from genuine NovAcryl Photopolymer sheets. Photopolymer has a sharp, solid look and feel. Photopolymer braille is less rounded but more pick proof than applique signage.

Applique and Raster® Braille Tactile Signage

Applique signs are versatile, sharp looking and feature endless design choices. Eye Catch Signs uses Raster® bead braille on all Applique signage. Applique is our most affordable line of signs but is often used in high end, low traffic areas where special materials are required. Applique gets its name from the laser cut tactile layer which is "applied" to the sign face.

Custom Interior Signage

Eye Catch Signs has been manufacturing custom interior signage for almost two decades. During that time we have developed a reputation for tackling tough jobs and for delivering innovative custom solutions in both Architectural and Accessibility signage categories.

Tactile Maps and 3D Exhibits

Employing the unique multi-layered BrailliantTouch® technology, our tactile maps and panels ensure accessibility to directional and interpretive information for everyone, including those with visual impairments.

Our tactile maps and interpretive panels feature full colour sub-surface graphics, ultra-resistant first surfaces, compliant Braille and tactile elements and are the ultimate indoor-outdoor solution.

Exterior Signage and LED Message Centers

Eye Catch Signs fabricates a wide variety of custom exterior signage primarily for customers in Atlantic Canada. Our custom signs range from LED illuminated commercial architectural signs to monolithic gateway and branded corporate facility signs.



2482 Maynard St, Halifax, NS B3K 3V4, Canada

(902) 423-3309